About Me


We Are The Samurai Dynamites

TOSSY accordion vocal


date of birth:October.15 Blood type:B

place of birth:Utsunomiya hobby:wild fancy favorite word:Masterpiece of I'm next project by Charles Chaplin

TAISANa.k.a.meijin guitar


date of december.24 blood type:A

place of birth:Chiba hobby:sampo

favorite word:Greatest achievement with minimal effort

ECC drum


date of birth:july.16 blood type:AB
place of birth:japan hobby:MANGA
havorite word:Kawaii.Sushi.Arigatogozaimas!!



date of birth:july.31&december.12 blood type: A+α
place of birth: Hachiouji hobby: gluttony
favorite word: Losers are always in the wrong.

TAKATOBI wood bass


date of birth:June.12  blood type:O 

place of birth:chiba  hobby:DIY

favorite word: I'm wrong, but the world is wrong more by Adolf.H

KURIKO trumpet


date of birth:x blood type: x
place of birth: Hachiouji hobby: fox festival
favorite word: Turn into a fox.



date of birth:September  blood type:A&B 

place of birth:nishiogikubo  hobby:fantasy

favorite word:'Fantasy' without philosophy is not a 'Fantasy'.